No, You Can't Say the N-Word

September 28, 2017
By SarahKayy BRONZE, River Forest, Illinois
SarahKayy BRONZE, River Forest, Illinois
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Upon first reading the article, I entirely agreed with the author. I agree that it is hurtful, offensive, and downright disrespectful for a non-black person to use the n-word. However, after reflecting and rereading the article, I wanted to challenge the author's stance. I believe we should be working towards eqaulity. If black people use the n-word in our music, movies, and conversations we are giving non-black people the "ok". In order to eliminate the use of the word amongst non-black people, we have to elimate the use of the word amongst black people. We should be working to equality in all forms rather than superiority of one group over another.

The author's comments:

The is a letter to the editor regarding the article "No, You Can't Say the N-Word".

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