First the Fall of Alexandria, Next Fidget Spinners

September 29, 2017
By thisguy69 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
thisguy69 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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In this excerpt Joshua G. expresses his discontent with the rising popularity of the fidget spinner. He takes an aggressive tone and discusses a child's toy that he thinks is destructive. He starts his writing off with an assumption, that fidget spinners actually work. This sets up his argument by stating that he doesn't even believe that these toys are actually successful at accomplishing their goal to help young men and women concentrate. He makes an exaggerated metaphor to cigarettes and even meth claiming that they achieve their goals the way a fidget spinner would to a distracted student. This comparison supports the main point of his argument that is revealed in the next sentence, that fidget spinners are not good, but awful. He uses the analogy of the Church Fathers to explain that indulging your needs constantly, in this instance using a fidget spinner, is detrimental to one's health and creates decreased self control. Joshua then reiterates the fact that the minds cravings for physical distraction in order to learn needs to be crushed, creating a parallel structure through the excerpt. Towards the end of the passage he uses a hyperbole to state that young men already fidget with a bazillion other things as if they weren't enough and now the young man needs the fidget spinner to curb his appetite of physical distraction.    

The author's comments:

It was an English assignment 

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