Review of “Writing an Essay an Hour Before it’s Due”

September 27, 2017
By MagicTheGathering BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
MagicTheGathering BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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The writing titled “Writing an Essay an Hour Before it’s Due,” written by Zoe M., was an amazing look at procrastination. Her writing about procrastination left me feeling agreeable.

This was a great essay that show a normally frowned upon subject in a more positive light. This essay discuses procrastination, but unlike the common article it shows it as a good thing. However, for every article like this there is about 10 or more that say the same thing. On to talking about the article. It is written from the point of view of Zoe Matthews as she talk about how she procrastination. She then tells how people see procrastination. She says in the article, “procrastination, teachers advise against it, parents yell at us for it, over achievers scoff at it. ” She then continues to state that procrastination is just something we have to deal with. She also proves that procrastination can be seen as a good thing. She proves her statements with evidence from studies like this example: ”University of Wisconsin conducted a study of procrastination at two companies and found that staff members who procrastinated1 are seen as more creative and innovative by their bosses.” In conclusion, she wrote a great article about procrastination.

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