So Weird

September 27, 2017
By Elizabeth_Wank4 BRONZE, Defience, Ohio
Elizabeth_Wank4 BRONZE, Defience, Ohio
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The writing titled “So Weird,” written by Sean C.” was intriguing about how someone didn’t listen to what other people thought of him. His writing about people getting labels and getting messed with left me feeling that I can be my own person and not care what others think as long as I am happy. While reading the article “So Weird,” I agreed with the author because I go through the same thing with people calling me weird. I get called weird because I do things that most people are afraid to do. Over time I learned that being called weird isn’t the end of the world; it’s actually a compliment to me. I understand how this boy is new to our country and new to everything around him and how he had to leave his friends behind. He writes “My bed was different, and the people who sat next to me in class were different.” One thing I was confused about was “What’s normal today might be weird tomorrow. And what’s weird today might be trending next month.” What is the reason for calling people “weird” if you’re going to be wanting to be called weird next month?

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