Run Day

September 26, 2017
By K_Wellman BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
K_Wellman BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
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The writing titled “Run Day,” written by Hannah A., was absolutely relatable. Her writing was about the terrible Run days at her school, which left me feeling amused. The article “Run Day” was very relatable and entertaining. The author is talking about Run Day in her gym class and how everyone hopes to get injured, so they do not have to run. Hannah says, “The rest of us lock ourselves in bathroom stalls, praying silently for bloody noses, concussions, amnesia, stomach flu, kidney stones, or the bubonic plague.” I can relate to this because I feel exactly like this on days of track meets. The author also does an excellent job with imagery. She states, “The air turns to acid as it hits our lungs. It makes our throats raw and bleeds into our legs.“ I can perfectly imagine this like it is right in front of me. Overall, this article was very relatable and had super imagery and description.

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