Is Marching Band a Sport?

September 26, 2017

The writing titled “Is Marching Band a Sport?” written by Avery J., was a compelling set of evidence about how marching band really may be a sport and left me feeling intrigued. The article “Is Marching Band a Sport?” is a very persuasive article. As a so-called “bandy” myself, I have always thought that there is no way that marching band is a sport. This article has proven to me, in a very big way, that marching band could be classified as a sport. The author’s best source of proof, in my opinion, is when she says, “ A dictionary definition for athletic is…” and continues to explain the definition and add proof of how band requires the skills named in the definition. The sentence proving that band requires strength says, “tenors, the giant set of drums that percussionists strap to their bodies, weigh fifty five pounds.”

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