"Is Marching Band a Sport?" Review

September 26, 2017
By Talon_Boi BRONZE, Defiance, OH, Ohio
Talon_Boi BRONZE, Defiance, OH, Ohio
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The writing titled “Is Marching Band a Sport?” written by Avery J., was stunning. His writing about if marching band is a sport or not left me feeling overjoyed. I agree with Avery J. on this. Marching band is very athletic. I often hear people say that marching band isn’t athletic. As a member of marching band, I can safely say otherwise. Most of the people I have asked have said that marching band isn’t athletic. However, as the article states, “The athletic activity is marching.” People also say our instruments are light. Well, he points out, “A sousaphone, the big, shiny instrument that you wear on your shoulder weighs 50 pounds. Tenors, the giant set of drums that percussionists strap to their bodies, weigh 55 pounds.” All in all, the article is well written and makes a lot of sense.

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