Review on "So Weird"

September 26, 2017
By Sriacha BRONZE, Defaince, Ohio
Sriacha BRONZE, Defaince, Ohio
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In the writing titled “So Weird,” written by Sean C., a boy faces a fact he will soon love. The writing left me with an eye-opening feeling. This passage starts off with the statement, ”Wow. You are so weird. Did you know that?” That is a marvelous starter and makes me want to read more. The whole passage is about a kid who was originally from Hong Kong who has moved to America. He realizes that he has not been paying attention to his surrounding classmates thoughts on him. Now he has fully realized he’s different, and it’s becoming very apparent that he is so weird at least that’s what a girl at school tells him. The kid is convinced that he is different, and the situations that he faces are different to the people around him than they are to him personally. He may be weird, but he loves it and so do the people around him.

The author's comments:

I wrote this for English class review paper.

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