Review for "Buzz Off"

September 26, 2017
By kmansfield BRONZE, Holgate, Ohio
kmansfield BRONZE, Holgate, Ohio
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The writing “Buzz Off,” written by Jenna M., was very interesting. Her writing was about a girl who was having a sit down meal with her family as a fly appeared on her plate and began to eat some of the grilled chicken  left me feeling surprised. This article was definitely something else. It states that in the article “Buzz Off,” “The bee flew in spirals around the table. Then it landed on my plate.” I can relate to this because it happened to me over the summer. I was on my grandma’s porch as a bee intruded our lunch. “After a few nibble, it grabbed another piece and flew off,” she wrote. I was surprised that after being swatted away how persistent the bee was to keep coming back for more. She also said, “We just figured out that a bees are carnivorous.” I never thought that bees would go after meat. I thought they only wanted honey and flowers.

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