Review of "So Weird"

September 26, 2017
By Ja'Crispy BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
Ja'Crispy BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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The article “So Weird,” written by Sean C., was very inspirational, and Sean was able to used imagery to allow the readers to understand what is going on during his lifetime. Sean’s writing was about how he was trying to fit in at school, trying to change to an American lifestyle. I agree with the reaction I have made because many people all over the world are moving schools, whether it’s from just moving to a school about fifteen minutes away or moving from a different country to transfer schools. I can relate to his issue because I lived in Guam, then flew to the U.S and lived in four different states and have been to three different schools. Trying to fit into a new lifestyle was tough at first, taking twenty minutes, just to try and find my homeroom class, trying to make new friends, and just learning what I could do right or wrong in a new school I never been to before. I understood what Sean went through because it is occurring here at my school and all over the country, even the world. Some people that move from other schools get made fun of, and they just want to fit in. I believe that Sean wrote his article very well, being valid and strong on his points. He used his passion and how he felt to write the things he wrote. Sean said in the article, “I want to be a good friend.” This shows that he just wants to be part of the school and that he believes that it will be good for both Sean and the kids at his school. His article has inspired me and many other around to just be themselves and be the best they can be.

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