Review of Verbal Harassment

September 26, 2017
By Bricetin BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
Bricetin BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
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I agree with Isabella W. in her article, “Verbal Harassment, they weren’t just being boys. They were verbally assaulting her.  I can’t relate to this situation at all thankfully. I do understand what she is saying she is saying that she was verbally assaulted and that she wants help. I’m not surprised at what happened. Our world that we live in today is filled with so much violence and something like this is not surprising to me although it is sad. I do not see this issue around me. I honestly think that this article was written very well, and it was very well put together. I also like how it was in order and not all over the place. I do think that the arguments that she has are strong. One argument from the article says, “They were just being boys.” Isabel disagrees with that statement. I also disagree with that statement as well. I think the boys never should have said that. I think that the boys don’t get disciplined; this might be why they said that. Another thing that one of the boys said was, “Hey! Call me daddy!” They also said, “Hey look at me when I’m talking to you!”  when one of the boys said, “Hey call me daddy!” this is completely mean and unacceptable. No boy should ever say that to any girl. When one of the boys said, “Hey, look at me when I’m talking to you!” That is mean and demanding. I think that the boys need to be suspended or at least something. I’m confused as to why the boys would do something like this. This article was touching to me because I have heard about this with certain people.  

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