Review of “Why 13 Reasons Why Fails”

September 25, 2017

In the writing titled “Why 13 Reasons Why Fails” written by Ellis D. was very sad and left me feeling heart broken because it was true. My impression of “Why 13 Reasons Why Fails” is that the writer put the TV show in a perspective, that no one really thought about. In the article she states, "Such graphic depiction can lead to copycat behavior in younger viewers." I agree with her because younger viewers might want people to know how they are feeling or want to be like Hannah from 13 Reasons Why. Ellis D. put "13 Reasons Why" in a perspective that I never really thought about. They really don’t focus on Hannah's death as much as they do on other things. She writes, "Hannah the main character who commits suicide, is never portrayed as anything more than dramatic, attention-seeking, and self-centered." In the TV show, no one really cared until the cops got involved, and they were afraid of getting into trouble. Clay was the only one who really cared.

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