League of Denial

September 25, 2017
By Cyoungker BRONZE, Ayersville, Ohio
Cyoungker BRONZE, Ayersville, Ohio
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In the writing titled “ League of Denial,” written by Mark F. and Steve F., was a factual article written about concussions. It left me feeling intrigued about the article. I agree that concussions plagued the NFL today. I can relate to this topic because I have had a concussion before. I do understand and how they say, "Mike Webster's brain was that of a boxer or a old person with Alzheimer's." I do not see the issue very often. This article is written well when they say, "The NFl is trying to cover things up" is true. The arguments in this article are very valid and provide a lot of evidence. I am left confused by why the NFL would try to cover this issue up. I am also confused why the NFL does not try to fix this problem.

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