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I was skimming through Teen Ink’s September issue, trying to find the writing that I wanted to read the most when a poem caught my eye. “Possession” is a poem by Clara Hevia. “Possession” is a word with a strong meaning. At first, I thought the word had a negative connotation about how someone was being too possessive. The poem is about how someone “invaded” the narrator’s life and how the memories would stick with the narrator forever.
This poem left me with a hint of sadness. The poem said “someday when we end,” showing that times with a certain somebody may not last forever. People come and go in our lives. However, everything that the person still has that reminds that person of the certain somebody would still be kept.
This made me reminisce the moments I had with my friends in elementary school before we all went in different directions. Although we barely keep in touch, I still have many things that reminded me of them. I have their present for me, memories, and their “smile, stuck with me for good.” 

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alsou said...
today at 7:27 pm
I really loved the piece too!! Such a bittersweet message
alsou said...
today at 7:27 pm
jessii replied...
today at 8:54 pm
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