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September 13, 2017
By victoria.v BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
victoria.v BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I wholeheartedly agree with Jerahmeel Mendoza’s article “World Buzz,” because our lives basically depend on the bees to pollinate the world. The fact that there was once “6 million hives in 1947” and only “2.5 million exist today” is devastating. I have seen so many people kill bees and I myself have done it before so I now agree that all people should step up their game and help the bees. I know for a fact that if there are less bees in the world it would result with “poverty across the globe” and less crops and plants will soon dry up and die if they disappear. I feel like Robobees are not the best idea for one main reason. Instead of making robotic bees and replacing the real life bees, we should protect them. We, the consumers of pollinated products should do everything possible to keep bees alive; We must help them out like they have helped us survive. Knowing that they provide “$24 billion to the economy” is insane. All people have done throughout their lives is kill bees because they are a “threat”. No, they are who keep us breathing. These magnificent little creatures work hard to provide, why not help them? After reading this article, I was greatly impacted. I could not agree more with you more Jerahmeel. I now plan on creating my own garden and leaving those hardworking bumble bees a bowl of water to refresh themselves. Save the bees!

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