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No, You Can't Say the N-word

September 13, 2017
By arymarinna SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
arymarinna SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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In the article, "No, you can't say the N-word" by Chidirima A., I understand the history that the word has on the black culture. I agree with the reasoning behind non-black people saying the word. She states, "When black people say the n-word to each other, it is beacuse we are united in the struggle that we have faced and continue to face." She explains that black people have suffered years of racism and they are together in the struggle of being black in a white man's country. Chidirima describes the reality and the torment behind the word when people who aren't black, say it. White people always want to be part of black culture but what they don't realize is the feelings that get hurt when the word is spoken.


Therefore, I agree with Chidirima's viewpoint on black culture and how white people still take pride on their supremacy and racism that still has this country corrupted after years of slavery. 

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