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When I first discovered this website, I was amazed by the opportunities they offered teenagers such as myself. It's extremely difficult for people our age to get recognized for their hard work, whether that be artwork, articles, or novels. So, to discover this site meant a lot to me and I became hopeful.


After searching for so long, it was refreshing to see a website that encourages teenagers to be proud of their work and take charge of what they love. For that, I applaud Teen Ink and thank them for what they have offered for not only me, but teenagers around the world. It has given us the opportunity to love our work.


My dream is slowly coming true because of this website. I have gained a lot of confidence with my writing through here! Seeing the amount of reads and likes rise every day has made me ecstatic and has given me the faith that people sincerely enjoy my work. It has give me faith that one day, I will be published and I will be recognized for all of the hard work I have been putting in for all of these years. That one day, I will become the author I so badly crave to be.


Seeing so many friendly profiles and inspiring works of art has touched my heart emotionally and I'm glad I get to experience this with other passionate individuals. It has made my hopes of becoming as successful as I'd always dreamt of rise to new heights.


This website has given me the opportunity to show off my skill while also writing about my interests and what I find myself passionate in or about.


A non-judgmental website full of open minds and loving souls who will do anything in their power to make you feel involved and good about your craft.


This right here is my dream - to get noticed by others, to be loved for my works of art, and to be recognized for the hard work I put into everything I do.


Finding this website and joining it has been a great choice of mine and I don't regret it whatsoever. I can't believe I hadn't seen this site before now, but now that I have, I'm sure to show others in hopes they can find the amount of success and confidence through here as I have! Everyone should have the opportunity to feel the way I do!


I'm inspired to continue working towards my goals with family, friends, and now this website standing behind me, tall and proud of what I am accomplishing.


I have found inspiration within Teen Ink! It has given me the idea of success lurking right around the corner. Once you work hard enough, you'll get where you want to go. 


I have found my dream within this website! It has opened up a load of opportunities for me. It has showed me that I have more than one skill; I can do photography, write poetry, and still have time for a quick music review of my favorite artist. It has given me the confidence to trust in myself and my writing and to know that whatever I write, as long I am passionate in it, I am doing good. I am doing my best and that's all I can do.


Dreams happen unexpectedly. They don't happen overnight and they certainly don't happen without hard work involved.


It was unexpected to find such a trustworthy site and magazine to hold my works and give me the boost I needed to keep going. To give me the inspiration that one day, it'll be me appearing in one of those magazines.


Until that day, I'll continue to support all those who need the confidence boost I have gained.


I look forward to spending my last teenage years on here, engaging with others and writing as many articles as my young mind can think of and as quick as my fingers can type it!


Overall, thank you, Teen Ink, for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to get my work noticed and out into the world. Thank you for making my dreams be in arms reach and for giving me the inspiration that is other teenager's articles.

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