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June 15, 2017
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Dear Editor,

I think you're great.


It's not as though I'm trying to lather you in layers of creamy butter, or flatter you. I'm merely being honest. I do think you're great. It's because of the work you do. It's because of the effortless way through which you manage to put your finger on the confused whirlwind of emotions that rage within confused teen writers. You somehow manage to figure out what they're thinking. And, then you work out a solution to their labyrinths of thought. You publish them.

I feel that what you're doing is noble. I don't like the way noble work is defined by the number of underpriviliged children, and the number of starving. All of us, teen writers, are starving. We're starving for that red and white badge beside our work. We're starving for the yellow magazine imprinted. We're yearning to see the places where our words take us. We write for passion.

Passion is this fierce spark within us. Passion is dauntless. Editors like you, are merely holding our hands and taking the nibs of our pens the right way. I once aimed to be an author. Yet, along with being an author, I do hope to be the editor of teen ink one day.



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