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dear Mr. itor, please do your job.

ok, so a bit ago now, i submitted "the thing about news comedians" which, while not what it says on the tin, had the email bot send me a notice saying, "yo, ya can't do that, here's why." which had a few notable "we don't wanna do our job!" bullets.

-Themes or language not appropriate for all members of Teen Ink's audience


-Too short, informal, or disorganized; might be better suited for a social media site or personal blog

okay, that makes sense, you need some sense of professionalism. I mean, it's not like most of my stuff is completely improvised or something.

-Substantial errors in grammar, punctuation, or spelling

brought to you by Grammarly!

-Author is younger than 13 or older than 19 years old

sure, it IS teen ink, after all. but how would you know they didn't lie about their age?

-Written by multiple people, or submitted by one person on behalf of another

you ever hear of a collaboration? because I'm sure there are some people that only work with another person

-Submission was a duplicate copy of a previously submitted piece

was this why "sorry, theed" was denied? because you also accepted the article it was a part of twice, so...

-Submission was blank, unfinished, or had major formatting errors

then have a little error message pop-up if it's blank. though I suppose that has more with the tech department, huh? as for an unfinished article, I have no

-Contains plagiarism (content that isn't your original work)

I had a problem with this and then realized that I was talking about copyright, not plagiarism.

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