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May 31, 2017
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"All About Me" by Elizabeth P. describes a universal experience that not a lot of people recognize. We sometimes do unkind things to people who we don't even know. Those people could be going through difficult hardships in life, but we still ignore them and go our way instead. Elizabeth explains this well as a person who just wants to go with their day quickly. 


 "I didn't know this woman was severely claustrophobic. I didn't know how much of an achievement it was for her to be on the subway at all." Throughout the narrator's subway ride, she doesn't realize many things. For example, she didn't know that a baby had colic, or the old man who received dirty looks had Stage 4 lung cancer and was on his way to be admitted for end-of-life care. We humans don't know of these things because we are too worried about ourselves, especially if we are rushed or in a bad mood. In the end, we should all keep in mind that there are other people in this world who are suffering more than us. 

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