Feedback on Power Rangers Review

May 31, 2017
By JCR55 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
JCR55 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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After reading Ayinde's review of the new movie "Power Rangers" and seeing the movie for myself in theaters, I found that I agreed with some of her descriptions of the movie and differed in opinion with others. For me, the movie's plot dragged on for way too long and didn't leave enough time for action. Roberts' review supports, "If you're looking for nostalgia bomb action sequence after nostalgia bomb action sequence, then you'll be disappointed." I also sided with th review on its opinion that the team of protagonists was diverse in ethnicity and personality. R.J. Cyler's performance as Billy was hilarious and stole the show during many of the movie's better moments.

However, I felt that some major pioints of the movie weren't covered by the review. Roberts' review focused mainly on characters and action rather than basic plot. The plot took over nearly two-thirds of the movie, and it was very odd and random. For instance, all five Power Rangers go to Saturday school for crimes they have committed, the main protagonist and Red Ranger Jason Scott's offense being crashing his car after placing a cow in a high school football team's locker. Much of the time the movie spent on events pointless to the plot could have been used for more action scenes. Overall, Roberts' review provided positive and negative views on different aspects of the movie.

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