Feedback on Problems of a Writer

May 30, 2017
By GOLD, Brooklyn, New York GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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Maybe I couldn't relate to all ten of the points in this short peice. Maybe I don't double text ot use a thesarus or know who Sylvia Plath is. But I do have a story for everything else. Wanting everyine to read my work but being afraid at the same time. Falling in love with characters I created and not being able to let them go. Not knowing whether to use lie or lay (it still bothers me), having so many fragments of stories I want to write but no plot or characters to go with them. Clearing my search history because my parents would think I was pregnant, psychotic, or on drugs. And man, how do you choose what words to use to descru describe someone's eyes when, in your head, they're a dictionary full or verbs.

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