Review of Words and Wizards

May 30, 2017
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Josh D's "Words and Wizards" takes the reader through an experience using just an extended metaphor. The poem starts out very simply, but goes on to attract a deeper meaning. D'Angelo's last stanza brings the entire poem together and ties up his idea. "Words and Wizards" has many elements that make it enjoyable- the tone, for example, sounds informative but is also knowledgable. The poem is comprised of facts but the way they are relayed does not sound forced, it sounds wise. 

We use words all the time. Sometimes we think about what we say or write and sometimes we don't. "Word and Wizards" conveys this idea. Stanzas three, four and five mainly prove this because they talk about the effects of words on people and situations. Words are different to everyone– some take them for granted and some couldn't care less. It's all just a matter of how they're used.

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