Why Cheer leading is a Sport

May 9, 2017
By anthony.black SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
anthony.black SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I agree entirely with Kate Brady in her article, "Why Cheerleading is a Sport". First off, finally someone took the time to explain to the people how and why cheerleading is a sport. Cheer leading is just as dangerous as the sport they cheer for; football. It is not publicly that important but does stilll have its key significances. One, it being complicated, "the technical difficulty and the risk of injury in cheerleading is seriously underestimated." (Par 5) Injuries are at a higher risk than football, so props goes out to those athletes for doing what is ranked #2 for most dangerous sport, behind football. So, I appreciate your time and courtesy Kate Brady for informing the community something they would've thought was not a sport. 

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