Claim Me

May 9, 2017
By Yulleisi SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Yulleisi SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Stefanee Sybo's "Claim Me" really stood out to me. I can relate to all 43 words Stefanee typed, especially when she says, "You hold me like a lover, but won't claim me as one." I'm living this situation, and those exact words have ran across across my mind a thousand times. But that's not all, she includes "Anxiety follows close behind, just waiting for you." That feeling is mutual. It's pretty how she described every little thing I think and feel. After reading this poem, Stafanee has me wondering "Do I deserve better" too? Thank you Stefanee for making me change my perspective on my similar siutation and for helping feel like making a change. 

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