Feedback on Pride and Ignorance

May 7, 2017
By rachen615 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
rachen615 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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"Pride And Ignorance" by Jun M. describes the biased life of a Chinese-American. As another Chinese-American, Jun perfectly shows the struggle of being a non-white person. Though all of us should be proud of our race, sometimes all we ever wanted was to be considered "American." Sometimes, we even forget that we are American because others have only looked at us as "Chinese."


One girl had said to Jun, "You're a fake Chinese!" because she couldn't speak Chinese. Though I do speak Chinese, it deeply hurts me when I hear others say "Oh, you aren't Chinese!" In my opinion, I think many Chinese-Americans can relate that being Asian and conforming to society is difficult. Many make fun of us because of our "yellow skin" and that we are "the smartest at math." No, we are just as human as anyone else is. 

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