Response to Seasons In Haiku

April 27, 2017
By Metroplex365 SILVER, Alvord, Texas
Metroplex365 SILVER, Alvord, Texas
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This poem is very descriptive and concise and gives the seasons name as more of an adjective in each stanza. I feel like this poem has a lot of detailed imagery and makes you feel the season that the author is talking about. It talks about each poem in a friendly warm way or a cold aggressive way which makes it stand out from others. Not only this but it is different from other poems because it is a series of stanzas and each one leads to the next but also stands alone.

I feel the power of these poems like when it says “Heat burning soft skin”, it makes me feel like i'm in the poem. Not only this but it includes lines like “ Gone are steam-filled days”, which really made me better understand the gone of the last season and how the transition of each poem each season.

The author's comments:

This piece of work was just so amazing and jaw dropping how simple yet profound.

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