what separates me from you by A Day To Remember

April 28, 2017

I found Mikalee Stephens review on 'What Separates Me From You' was amazing. I know the band a day to remember is a wonderful band that has great messages through there songs. I agree with her that the band a day to remember makes me as well happy to be alive and how the songs can have meaning. 'What Separates Me From You' is a great album of a day to remember. Mikalee states "The sound of this album is more angry and upbeat than previosly." I agree with Mikalee about this because i have listen to all of their albums and this one changed my world around them and how they want everything to stay the same. The message of this album is that if someone left you and you are fighting to be okay again. Some people can feel the album. I felt the message of the album 'What Seperates Me From You' is that you can feel it deep inside of you. Overall, Mikalee did a amazing job on her music review. 

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