The March of the Lemming

April 13, 2017
By Ramesh SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Ramesh SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I wholeheartedly agree with Rahul's article "March of the Lemming" when he wrote, " the race to get into college of our dreams is leading to signficant health problem increasingly we don't get enough sleep and are even more stressed making it diffucult to maintain a healthy life style." I can relate to Rahul's article because once a student starts to going to college, they will be so busy and they won't be able to hang out with their friends because they are going to have lots of work. It is so hard  for them have free time because of their busy schedule. It can cause them to be unhealthy because they're not having free time and enough exercise everyday. In order to stay healthy, students need to have free time and they need to do enough exercise. Thank you Rahul for sharing you're thoughts. 

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