The Importance of Failure

April 11, 2017

I really appreciated Bella's point of view in "The Importance of Failure". She writes about failing eleven classes her first two years of high school and coming back from that. She writes, "At a constant rate of achieving success, my ego built up rapidly, teaching me that any mistake was unacceptable," and this is how she handled herself for years until she began failing as a freshman. Failure to reach success didn't tear her apart, it taught her it was okay to fail. It taught her that, "by failing, you ultimately learn how to become the best version of yourself." It is important to build yourself up all on your own, it will then be your own failure and your own success. During this time it is important to put yourself in "first place" and not worry about anyone else's success. Thank you Bella for sharing your story and allowing others to learn from it as well.

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