Feedback On "A Farewell Text" by Simone Nix

April 5, 2017
By bumblebeezo PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
bumblebeezo PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
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"A Farewell Text" by Simone Nix is an incredible and emotional memoir. Simone tells how she left her best friend at home while she went away to college. She describes the struggle of staying in touch and remaining close, especially when Piper, her best friend, starts blaming for "her loneliness and isolation and the fact that she is failing in school." Simone tells how Piper's parents aren't around too often and this only worsens Piper's mental state. Simone gets a text from Piper which reads "'I'm done with everything. Goodbye.'" The rest of the piece shows how Simone thinks about how different she and Piper are and how Piper must feel. In the end, Simone finds out that Piper will be fine and relief overcomes her.

The piece is relatable at certain parts. I especially relate to Piper. I'm the overdramatic who threatens suicide more often than I should. And we all have those friends who move away or who we move away from. At first you try to stay close but growing apart is inevitable. Simone writes "I know she has a hundred screaming voices in her head." Sometimes the voices can become too much for one to handle. Sometimes we start to believe the voices telling us we aren't worth it and we deserve to die. But we all have friends who worry about us and friends who will be there to quiet the voices with their own friendly ones. And we all get through it, because we have each other. Piper lost Simone for a bit and it almost ruined her. But I hope they were able to go back to a healthy friendship.

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