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April 5, 2017
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     "A Chicken Problem," by Hanna Wagner, gave me an amusing impression. How can one not laugh at just the title itself, along with the attached chicken photo? A man and an old grandma goes on a search for a bunch of chickens and dogs. Unexpectedly, it ends with the grandma standing on top of a chicken coop, calling to the chickens.

     This fiction piece was truly humorous and made my day. "Whatever the reason, the only thing they seemed to want to know was why she'd been on top of a chicken coop at two in the morning, in twenty -degree weather, covered in feathers and wearing nothing but a tan tank top and running shorts." This isn't a common everyday event, but it would be hilarious. Though it was only fictional, Hanna managed to personify the grandma into a seemingly realistic character. She also shows the absolute confusion and struggle that the narrator went through, having to deal with the elder. 

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