The Day After I Killed Myself

April 4, 2017

    “The Day After I Killed Myself” by Rachel Miesen made my heart break into little pieces. She perfectly captured the emotion of a person, after they killed themselves, in only 47 lines. People thought you would never be able to describe emotions after a death, but they thought wrong. You can capture the emotions of anyone, and anything, if you try hard enough.
     This piece was so heartfelt because it related to the people in my age group. Many teens these days are suicidal because of bullying, depression, or family issues. What they don't realize is the eternal regret that fills you after you take your own life. Miesen wrote “ the day after I killed myself was the day that I realized I didn't want to be dead.” Most people who commit suicide exhibit this feeling. They regret pulling the trigger, jumping off, or kicking the chair away.
     I want people my age to know that there will be a way out. Regardless of how much pain you go through, it won't be the end of the world. There will always be a person, somewhere, who is willing to support you. There's so much in life that we all have to enjoy and experience. Give yourself a second chance. Don't kill yourself.

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