The Day After I Killed Myself

April 2, 2017
By disphxrial SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
disphxrial SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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The Day After I Killed Myself by Rachel Miesen is a phenomenal poem that deals with a very important issue in today's society. Teenage suicides are becoming more and more common daily. People can believe it's their only option because their brain is constantly unsure of what to do. The reason some people believe suicide to be selfish is because of what you're leaving behind. You're leaving all your friends and family to themselves and all of the memories because you're going through a bad time mentally. This poem captures the idea of what can happen if you commit suicide and realize you shouldn't have one it before it's too late. It is extremely sad, but realistic.
I've thankfully never lost a friend to suicide, and hopefully will never have to. Miesen wrote, "the day after I killed myself / was the day I realized / I didn't want / to be dead." Reading this stanza strained my heart because the thought of my friend passing and not being happy wherever they end up pains me. It would never escape my head. Overall, this poem had a really sad, but good message. I gets people thinking and alters people's opinions when it comes to the selfishness of suicide.

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