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April 2, 2017
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The first thing that struck me was the title. The next was her story. “My Rapist Is Going To Prom” by “Melody” delves into a teenage girl’s heartbreaking experience of rape. Why should anyone, especially a teenage girl, have to go through this torture? She shouldn’t, yet countless number of women do each and every day. Many are traumatized and are too humiliated or scared to report such an incident. However, some of those who do are shunned by family and friends or are not believed.
In Melody’s case, her best friend betrayed her. After witnessing the incident, she did not help Melody and and is even going to prom with the rapist. It was always Melody’s dream to go to prom and this was taken away by the insensitive and terrible actions of a foolish nineteen year-old. Yet this boy isn’t suffering or regretting his actions and is going to the prom Melody wished for. She, instead, is the one hurt and miserable.
I hope people will come to realize that these kind of actions are not okay not matter what age, gender, or race. I hope people will learn to support victims of rape and listen to their stories and voices instead of pushing them aside. I hope Melody’s experience will change you as it did to me and I hope she recovers well.

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