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Feedback on "No Limits"

April 2, 2017

           There were many beautiful images on the pages of the past month's Teen Ink, yet one which caught my eye was the watercolor piece "No Limits" by Hailey Shi from Walnut, CA. It depicts a girl looking up at what appears to be skyscrapers.
              Multiple factors in it play together to create a wonderful piece of art. One of them is the image's perspective, which is upwards and therefore gives a different dimension to the structures in the image's background and the person in the foreground. In this way, the height of the buildings compared to that of the girl is captured very well, therefore providing a basis for what appears to her surprise with their extensiveness. Additionally, the subject herself is portrayed very realistically, as though one were looking up at a live human. The last factor were the picture's colors. The use of various shades and tones of blue also adds to the piece's verisimilitude, and suggests a more subtle connection between the girl and her surroundings. All of these things put together fascinated me, and I hope to see more such beautiful images in the following months' issues.

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