Feedback on "Where's the Empathy?"

April 2, 2017
By JonathanBellony SILVER, New York City, New York
JonathanBellony SILVER, New York City, New York
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"Where's the Empathy?" by Chapel Puckett is a great article. The author talks about how we need to have conversations with people who disagree with us. She says people are very polarized and we need to bridge the gap. Chapel says that after the presidenial election, "both groups, whether confused and upset or content and excited, judged the other side. In pointing fingers, we avoided having constructive conversations and extending empathy."

I agree with what this article is saying. We have to try to see it through someone else's eyes. Like the author said, "we begin to take on a mob mentality and avoid constructive debate and challenges to our ideas." This is a very true assessment. People refuse to understand how the other side feels.

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