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April 1, 2017
By VincenzoSurace SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
VincenzoSurace SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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The poem “Hair” by Elaine S. reflects on the appearance of hair as compared to a forest. It signifies that the stress put on people and the reflection that is projected towards other people. Hair can look so different on so many people in so many ways. It is a pure reflection of something a person in experiencing and the effect that it can have on them. There is the perfectly done hair of someone that feels carefree. There is the extremely tousled hair of someone that receives lots of loving from the people around them. Finally  there is the messed up hair of the extremely hard workers and the procrastinators.

Hair has always been an extremely important part of my life. My father is a traditional Italian barber and I have been raised by him. From the  very beginnings of school, I remember my father putting gel and hairspray in my extremely curly hair.It has grown to be a part of me as much as the rest of what I do. I have my hair done as a second nature, no matter what kind of day it is and who I have to see. I don’t feel complete without it, and I don’t feel as comfortable. It is one of the things I am best known for, but it is never a true reflection of who I really am.

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