To be a Weed

March 9, 2017
By princesstruss BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
princesstruss BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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When I read ''To be a Weed'' by Michelle M., it made me feel aware of the people who are fake and those who are real friends. For example, Michelle said so herself, '' I learned that I need not to be a part of a group to be defined.'' I can relate to to Michelle when she was talking about how she was following those girls around so that she could feel like she actually belonged with a group. Because I used to do the same thing to try and get friends. I would follow random people around because I used to think that I had to '' fit in'', in order for people to like me. The truth is that you don't need people to pretend that they like you so that you feel like you ''fit in''. You just have to be yourself and if people don't like you for you well, then they're not real friends. Thank you Michelle for making me, along with many others realize that they don't have to be a part of a group to be defined.

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