Penciling in My Past

March 14, 2017

Eric wrote a article that will be related to thousands, hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions. "Pencil in my Past" is excellently written on how Eric finally stood up for himself and a majority of the world has felt that atleast once or twice. If they have not, Congratulations but unlike me, I had my own personal bully, sounds funny, and it is, but it took several years of his constantly taking my stuff, pushing me around, and getting suspended for me to finally understand I can not and will not live my life that way. The bully was a pothead, well used to, and for some unknown reason, that I still do not know why, he wanted me to hold his drug paraphernalia and I told him no, but I guess it still got put in my back pack then literally 30 minutes later I got called up to the deans office. Next thing I knew, cops came in, and led to a whole new situation that I did not wish to happen. Once I was released I confronted him at his house, in his room, and took a huge inhale and asked him "why?" He was quick to blame me and as Eric said, "enough was enough. My blood boiled from head to toe. Without thinking..." I took a hard swing at him over and over again. I then left his house feeling like a huge elephant lifted off my back. I can relate to Eric so much when he writes, "Although I savored the positive effects of my actions, the pain I inflicted on him hurt me too. I had finally stood up for myself, but my resistance came with a cost; I didn't like to hurt people." Thank you Eric for writing this piece that everyone will greatly admire because of your actions. 

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