What Love Feels Like?

March 9, 2017
By , Phoenix , AZ

Jasper S.’s poem was great, I can relate to Jasper when he said “feeling of getting your breath caught in your chest so you feel like your lungs aren’t felling with air.” Love is a disturbing pattern of needing comfort from the person you cannot bear. It’s an excruciating feeling of wanting a drug which you know it is going to kill you slowly. It’s a overwhelming need. It’s a twisted, confusing but instinctual need. And when you give the person your love they end up leaving you, leaving you empty. They made themselves out of the love you gave. But don’t get me wrong, love is also this amazing feeling. It make you happy, it makes you feel safe with the person you want, with the person you love. Love is more than one feeling. Thank you Jasper for your amazing poem. 

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