Living Black

March 5, 2017
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In the writing titled Living Black written by Tierra R., I felt saddened. Her writing about racism left me feeling that no one understands the feelings of others.

My reaction after reading this story was I felt saddened. I can't really relate to this story, but I tried putting myself in her shoes and felt the pain they did.  I am not surprised to read a story like this because there are some people that are very racist.  I personally don’t see this problem where I live but there may be some I don’t see. I agree with the author when they say. “I see no difference/We are all the same…” The author proves a point that no one’s different. I feel saddened when the author says, “Defined by the color of my skin/I ask, please stop…” This article just proves that people are the same and we all have the same emotions.

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