Is Suicide Selfish? MAG

March 6, 2017
By Karen.r SILVER, Phoenix , Arizona
Karen.r SILVER, Phoenix , Arizona
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I found Molly Rockville’s article “Is Suicide Selfish” intriguing. Molly writes about how it feels to be suicidal: not wanting to wake up in the morning, only wanting “to curl up and stay safe and warm forever.” Depression hits hard, and you might not know how to cope. You look for a release and may consider suicide. But, like Molly says, “you can’t undo death.”

What surprised me most is the sharp turn Molly takes toward the end, when she offers her readers help. She writes about the suicide lifeline, saying that it saved her life. It is beautiful that as a person who has gone through depression, she wants to help others. Thank you, Molly, for getting help and encouraging others to do the same. You are a real hero.

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