A Memory: Sunset MAG

March 5, 2017
By sandygoldshteynn SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
sandygoldshteynn SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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How is it possible that a piece about a childhood memory with barely an ounce of resemblance to any of mine can invoke so much feeling in me? “A Memory: Sunset” by Hannah Cofer allowed me to easily connect to both my former self and the piece by remembering my moments of “eyes, bright with the fantasies of children.”

As I mature into an adult, I find myself longing for the carefree days of childhood. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one who feels lost as a result of growing up. Hannah writes about how her best friend will soon leave for college, and she describes one final sunset they spent together recreating their favorite childhood memories.

Hannah has crafted a piece that captures the essence of childhood, a work that planted me into my past. She ends with “our moment of giddy nostalgia was over, and a quiet, bittersweet stillness fell … nevertheless, I would forever remember that sunset.” It’s the perfect ending to a story about a memory that will never fade.

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