True Love, Aisle 2 MAG

March 27, 2009
By Rebecca Chanmin BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Rebecca Chanmin BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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“True Love, Aisle 2” by Molly K. shows how we base our society on unrealistic movies, magazines, and TV shows. She is totally right in saying that adolescents act out the lives of older teens. My peers seem to strive to be older, acting as they think someone more mature would.

This article really helped me get a sense of how my peers (okay, even me) are unable to have an intelligent conversation. The media encourages us by giving us the impression that it is normal for teenagers to have meaningless and vapid conversations.

This marvelous piece really showed how easy it is to just follow the crowd. But I’m going to start an actual conversation today at lunch, and so should you!

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