Finding Smiley

March 3, 2017
By Isaac10 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
Isaac10 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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In the writing “Finding Smiley” written by Julianne B. I felt moved by her story and what she had to say. Her writing about how dogs are just wanting to find that right home for them. It felt me feeling why doesn’t anybody adopt these guys. She is trying to find a new dog to live with her family. They went to this adoption fair to find a dog. There was ton of dogs of all kinds wanting to find a family. Then the family found a dog. Is name was Smiley. She said “he is so cute.” And so did the rest of the family. Once they got home they got Smiley fit in. “Everyday he brings me my brother’s (clean) socks, as a gift, a thank you for all the belly rubs.

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