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March 3, 2017
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“Just Human” by Amanda S. was a beautiful portrayal of the fragility of humans. Even your idols, or simply normal people in your life seem strong and unbeatable - until you see them at their weakest. It's a natural human reaction, but crying invites vulnerability. The narrator wrote, “What I realize now is he's just a person.” Her friend is a person, just human like the rest of us, and we have never claimed to be anything more.

I'm not inhuman, nor do I have a stone-cold heart. I've cried before, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. It's happened at home, while I was curled up in bed, and even more terrifyingly, more than once in school. Younger kids are usually wailing for one reason or another, which is why when you get older and see peers crying, it's a much bigger deal. I don't cry easily; instead, I'll shove it behind me, a great tangled ball of negative emotion that I try not to show in public, because that's generally frowned upon. I feel awkward when others act so vulnerable, and they feel the same when I do it. We're seeing each other at our most vulnerable, and I know I can't handle that.

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