Is Suicide Selfish?

March 3, 2017
By disphxrial SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
disphxrial SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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"Is Suicide Selfish?" by Molly is one of my favorite articles I've read in a while. It is based on a topic that many people have different opinions of, including me. Mine is in the middle, considering it could be selfish for different reasons. Molly started the piece by explaining the thoughts in a depressed teenager's head, which she had experienced herself. Then, she explained why she considers suicide selfish. At the end she provided a suicide hotline, which made me happy considering she's helping others who might need it. 

As I stated, my opinion is slightly different than Molly's. I understand why commiting suicide can be considered selfish. However, I also believe it depends on the circumstance. If you have the perfect home/friend life, get straight As, and have no mental disorders, then I'd consider it selfish. If you are dealing with legitimate interal struggle and have the opposite things I listed, then I understand where they are coming from. It sucks that they decided to leave without saying goodbye to their families, but maybe they could finally be happy.

Molly said, "Recovery is a difficult and slow mountain to climb, but I've done it, and I promise that you can too." I loved that ending. It reassured people that things can turn out okay in the end. It just takes a little effort. Overall, I loved the message of the piece. Even though I may disagree a bit, the article was still beautifully written.

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