The American Latte

March 2, 2017
By purplewolfmoon SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
purplewolfmoon SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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"The American Latte" by Rami K. is a well-written, intriguing piece about her resentment and acceptance of her national identity in a country where it is stigmatized. In the beginning, she writes "Instead of blending, I congealed in the pot of cultural assimilation, asking myself how it was possible to blend smoothly when I came from a feared place." She created a fake identity and only practiced her culture in situations where she knew she would not be judged.

I agree with the statement that America's diversity is not like a melting pot or a bowl of salad, but a latte. Everyone's nationalities contribute to this country as an individual and a whole, and should not fear prejudice because of negative views toward their home country. 

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