Feedback on "Boxes" by Devon T.

March 2, 2017
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I was immediately gripped by “Boxes” by Devon T. and thrown into the very near dystopian future it created, where the entire American education system was replaced by boxes with many solvable layers. Seeing talent and imagination that explored this unique idea was fascinating, especially with the thought that this could happen in only a couple years. The short story tugged at the corners of my brain with its overall concepts, and twists and turns that deepened the plot.

I love to write sci-fi and fiction especially and develop my own ideas about how the future could turn out, so an idea as well-thought-out as Devon’s sent me deep into thought. I couldn’t believe the piece ended how and when it did, and I was left trying to piece together what had happened after I read it. However, this only made me more intrigued to find out the mystery that this story had created, “Boxes” by Devon Toribio captivated me from the mysterious start to the twist finish.

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